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Banastar® gets your oilseed rape off to the best start by helping you establish a good, even crop before winter, by providing long-lasting and reliable control of key weeds and by playing a key role in sustainable black-grass management.


  • Protects yield by early removal of weed competition
  • A low resistance risk herbicide that provides a key start to the black-grass programme
  • Provides excellent residual control of key broad-leaved weeds
  • The three active ingredients are taken up at multiple points by the weed, providing more consistent control in dry conditions
  • Quinmerac adds post-emergence and persistent activity to cleavers control

Why Banastar®?

Banastar® is a residual herbicide for oilseed rape that offers excellent control of a wide range of weeds. Banastar® is taken up via the cotyledons and roots and takes maximum effect before, or shortly after weed emergence. Optimum results are obtained from applications that are made to fine, firm and moist seedbeds.

Banastar® works by employing a three-pronged approach to ensure maximum levels of weed control. The three active ingredients, dimethenamid-p, metazachlor and quinmerac each work on different parts of the seedling.

In terms of application timing, Banastar® may be applied pre or post-emergence of the crop before seven or more true leaf stage (GS 17)

Product Profile

Active ingredients100 g/l dimethenamid-p, 300 g/l metazachlor and 100 g/l quinmerac
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Maximum individual dose2.5 litres product / ha / crop
Maximum total dose2.5 litres product / ha / crop
CropsWinter oilseed rape
Latest time of applicationBefore 7 or more true leaf stage (GS17)
Water volume100-300 litres of water per ha
Other specific restrictionsApplications shall be limited to a total dose of not more than 1.0kg metazachlor/ha in a three year period on the same field


More points of uptake = better control

Banastar® provides greater peach of mind, when applied as a pre-emergence herbicide. Applying pre-emergence covers the widest spectrum of weeds possible. Dimethenamid-p is more effective under dry conditions and there is better distribution on soil when sprayed, to form a better ‘seal’. Better soil absorption than metazachlor means more available at the surface, where required.

The three active ingredients provide three points of uptake, through the leaf, the emerging shoot and the root.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

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