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A metazachlor-free Clearfield® herbicide containing imazamox and quinmerac. Cleravo® offers excellent post-emergence control of volunteer cereals and broad-leaved weeds, including 'problem' brassica weeds and volunteer oilseed rape


  • Cleravo® delivers post-emergence, broad-spectrum, broad-leaf weed and volunteer cereal control
  • Cleravo® allows a sequence with metazachlor where required
  • Can wait for crop to establish before investing in herbicide
  • Spray timing provides flexibility at a busy time of year
Active ingredient(s)35 g/l imazamox and 250 g/l quinmerac
FormulationSuspension Concentrate (SC)
Pack size5 litres in outers of four
Crop(s)Clearfield winter and spring oilseed rape
Weed spectrumA range of broad leaved weeds, including charlock, cleavers, crane’s-bill, hedge mustard, runch, shepherd’s purse, volunteer oilseed rape, volunteer wheat and volunteer barley (for full list see label)
Maximum individual dose1 litre of product per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsOne per crop
Latest time of applicationBefore 9 true leaf stage (GS 19)
Water volume100-400 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneNone

Cleravo herbicide is approved for use on SOSR Clearfield hybrids. BASF wish to point out that practical issues at harvest mean that seed loss can be higher than in the winter crop. ALS inhibitor herbicides such as SUs should not be relied upon to control volunteer OSR in following crops. Instead cultural means and non-ALS inhibitor herbicides should be employed.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Why Cleravo?

Cleravo® is a Clearfield herbicide, designed to work directly with Clearfield varieties, which have been traditionally bred to tolerate the active ingredient, imazamox.

Cleravo is applied post emergence of the crop, offering flexibility at a busy time of year. It offers consistent control of ‘problem’ brassica weeds such as charlock, runch and hedge mustard, along with volunteer OSR, volunteer cereals and a wide spectrum of broad-leaf weeds.

Cleravo® can be used as a one-shot option at post-emergence timing. However, where there is a high population of early weeds that can get big quickly, such as crane’s-bill or poppy, metazachlor-free Cleravo®, also allows for an early application of metazachlor to sensitize these weeds.

The Clearfield® system

Clearfield® is a unique system, offering unique benefits. Clearfield® herbicides have been formulated to work solely with Clearfield® varieties. The hybrid vigour and SU tolerance helps the crop get off to a rapid start and minimizes establishment risk, whilst the broad-spectrum weed control offered by Cleravo and Cleranda, delivers effective control of brassica weeds, volunteer OSR, volunteer cereals and the widest range of broad-leaf weeds. Overall, the system provides greater confidence, flexibility and control over your OSR crops.

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How Cleravo® performs in weed control trials

In field trials, Cleravo® and Dash® HC provided excellent control for a wide range of weeds. Common weeds such as cleavers, mayweed and chickweed were all susceptible to Cleravo®, along with more difficult to control brassica weeds such as charlock.

Maximise your OSR success with Clearfield®

With any good outcome, you have to start right. So when developing a solution to OSR’s notorious unpredictability, that’s exactly where we began – the seed. Hybrid varieties of OSR were developed that work directly with the Clearfield® herbicides. Flexible, fast establishing and effective against the widest range of weeds, it’s a system that’s produced some remarkable results.