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RevYstories: Richard Budd

In 2021 we will be hearing more in-depth from our UK growers about their farming experiences, as they share their stories of using Revystar® XE.

Find out more about Richard Budd and follow his RevYstory throughout the upcoming season below.

About Richard

Richard, of Stevens Farm (Hawkhurst Ltd) in Kent has been back on the family farm for 10 years now, having gained a degree in Botany at Nottingham University and worked in London as a wine broker, specialising in private client investment portfolios.

The 2450 ha of arable cropping has a rotation based on winter wheat, followed by winter or spring barley, depending on black grass levels, then OSR followed by winter wheat, second wheat and oats again winter or spring depending on the black grass. Beans are now a valuable break crop where blackgrass levels allow.

All crops are established using the Sumo DTS direct drill for a controlled traffic system. Soil health is at the heart of the farming philosophy and Richard is continually looking to improve soils, undertaking highly detailed soil management. By chopping and incorporating all crop residues and by applying sewerage cake on a two year rotation, he hopes to raise indices, friability levels and OM content.

Richard hopes to increase the size of his business through investment in the latest technology and by reviewing and adopting best management practice and technique, to ensure as efficient operation as possible. A full Topcon RTK system facilitates full controlled traffic farming which allows Richard to fully maximise the efficient use of inputs and accurately record yields. These yields are used in conjunction with soil maps to improve poorer and underperforming areas. Richard says, “The long-term strategy is to continually question what we are doing and achieving and assess how best to improve, by adopting new technology as it becomes available in terms of chemistry and plant breeding.”

In terms of environmental measures, Richard has taken areas such as field corners and woodland edges out of production.

What’s happening on Richard’s Farm?

What`s in the ground?

In mid-February 2021 Richard talked to us about what he has in the ground. He said, We are pretty much drilled up this season; all of our winter oilseed rape is in and up and away, and so are the winter beans. 90% of the wheat is in the ground and in average to good condition .The remaining 10% is either not drilled or needs reviewing.Our winter wheat is grown for a milling market and we have sown Group1s KWS Zyatt and RGT Skyfall, Group 2 KWS Extase and Group 3 softs, Elicit and KWS Firefly.We have just had a week of temperatures below 2oC which for us is pretty unusual but now we are back to our usual warm and wet. We haven’t been able to do anything on the land now for the best part of 3 months it has been yet again another extraordinarily wet and mild winter down here. The ground is all at field capacity and completely sodden.The forecast is looking like it might dry up by the end of next week and if it does then we will put some early nitrogen on.”

Wheat disease

Richard also shared his latest (mid Feb 2021) observations on any wheat disease pressures so far, saying, Disease wise, there is a bit of septoria at the bottom of the plants. I haven’t seen much rust at the moment. That’s not to say it’s not there, I just haven’t found it.”

In the press

Richard appeared in the 2020 series of Crop Production Magazine’s Real Results Pioneers. Last year he talked through his barn-busting 7.2t/ha yield from oilseed rape, and how his on-farm trials with Revystar® XE suggest some careful tweaks may unlock similar potential in his wheat crop.

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Richard is part of the Real Results Circle

We caught up with Richard to find out more about his farm, farming philosophies and biggest agronomic challenges

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