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The CAT App

The mobile version of the CAT app is currently unavailable... we're working on it and the online version is still available. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

GAI Tool for winter wheat: The Canopy Assessment Tool (CAT) provides an accurate and consistent assessment of crop nitrogen from its green area index (GAI) and crop lodging risk from a digital photograph.

The CAT App also provides a measure of shoots/m2 at the pre growth stage GS 30, GS 30 and GS 31 timing supporting canopy management decisions relating to the timing and use of nitrogen and PGRs.

The Main Features:

  • Possibility to process photos immediately in the field for instant crop report
  • Ability to email crop photos and report at the touch of a button
  • A GPS mapping function which plots the location of crop assessments on a google map, built into the app
  • Save function - ability to store photos and reports
  • Possibility to process other photos either captured by the phone previously or sent via email and accessed by the iPhone
  • Simple and fast interface