Over the coming decades, our agricultural food system will undergo an accelerated transformation in order to provide access to enough healthy and affordable food for the growing population. At the same time, it will need to mitigate its impact on our planet so that future generations can flourish. This transformation will be driven by the call for better yield. Yield produced in ways that are recognized as valuable by society, are kind to the planet and help farmers earn a living.

As part of our global strategy, BASF has committed to clear and measurable targets to boost sustainable agriculture by 2030. In the UK, we are working hard to ensure that these targets deliver meaningful benefits for our customers.

The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability 2023

The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability is back for 2023 celebrating the essential role farming plays in food production and stewardship of the environment.

The competition aims to recognise how farmers are tackling sustainability from all perspectives considering the environment alongside societal and economic sustainability.

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