The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability 2023

The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability is back for 2023 celebrating the essential role farming plays in food production and stewardship of the environment.

The competition aims to recognise how farmers are tackling sustainability from all perspectives considering the environment alongside societal and economic sustainability.

Tell us what you’re doing

We what to know how sustainability plays a role on your farm. Have you been making changes for a while or just looking to try something new to see the impact - we want to hear all about it. Here are some impact areas but let us know if you’re doing something completely different as well.

  • Agroforestry
  • Crop Diversity
  • Environmental schemes
  • Integrating Livestock
  • Outreach & Public engagement
  • Promoting Biodiversity
  • Renewable Energy
  • Variable Rate Application
  • Water Stewardship

Applications for The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability 2023 are now closed. Application are being shortlisted and the winner will be announced on our website in July 2023.


  • A year’s membership to the Institute of Agricultural Management
  • A year’s membership to Farm491
  • A ticket to the Oxford Farming Conference 2024
  • A commemorative award plate
  • Access to BASF Sustainability experts to evaluate and improve farming practices

The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability is subject to Terms & Conditions.

Our Sponsors

The Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability is kindly sponsored by:


IAgrM is the professional body promoting continuing professional development for those engaged in agricultural, rural and environmental management. The charity’s objectives are to promote high standards in the practice and business of management in agriculture; to promote training in all aspects of management in agriculture and to encourage the provision and attainment of professional qualifications in the principles and practice of management of agriculture. The charity has an active branch network of branches spread throughout the United Kingdom and runs a programme of national events and training.

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Farm491 is a UK based leading technology incubator and innovation space focused on the future of farming and food systems. Based and owned by the Royal Agricultural University we work with entrepreneurs through all their stages of growth, leveraging our unique network of academic, industry and farming contacts and in house experts to help companies achieve their aspirations.

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Rawcliffe Bridge Award 2023

In July 2023 arable farmers and brothers from Cambridgeshire, Matthew & Lloyd Smith, were announced as the winners of the award reflecting the impact of their farming philosophy on people, planet and profit. Mixed enterprise farmer Will Oliver was announced as the runner-up.

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Rawcliffe Bridge Award 2022

In July 2022, Colin Chappell, arable farmer from North Lincolnshire and Guy Prudom, mixed farmer from North Yorkshire, were announced as the inaugural winner and runner-up of BASF’s Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability. We visited them in June 2022 to see how sustainability was impacting their farms.

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