BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Best Practice Examples for Research and Development

Breaking New Ground

  • Striga, a parasitic weed that attacks maize, is responsible for 20 to 80 per cent of harvest losses for smallholder farms in Africa.
  • BASF’s solution StrigAway® – an innovative herbicide seed treatment – enables farmers to protect their maize and to significantly improve their yields (2-3x).
  • The solution was developed in collaboration with public research partners and local seed companies.

We offer innovative solutions to improve yields and food security.

Together in Perfect Harmony

  • BASF partners with commercial farmers and environmental experts all over Europe. Currently we cooperate/work in six different countries on ten farms for the increase of biodiversity in agriculture. One of the long-standing farms is at Rawcliffe Bridge in the UK, which has already been active for ten years.
  • Program encourages diverse wildlife to thrive on the farms.
  • Biodiversity successes to date at Rawcliffe Bridge e.g.: wild bird food crops, wildlife corridor in place, and an increase in the amount and diversity of wildlife observed. 107 species of birds, 22 species of butterflies, 165 species of macro moths and 10 species of bumblebees, were identified on the farms up to 2012.

We show that biodiversity and modern farming can coexist in harmony.

Busy as a Bee

  • BASF in France has proactively teamed up with scientists, farmers, and beekeepers to develop a solution for improving bee health and nutrition, the French Bee Biodiversity network. Its aim: to enhance honeybee and pollinator populations.
  • Up until 2012, the Bee Biodiversity Network has established around 8,300 hectares of improved bee fallows in France in cooperation with hundreds of farmers and beekeepers

We make bee protection an integral part of our business strategy.

The Fruit of the Vine

  • BASF’s “Vigneto Toscana” project in Italy forecasts risks and provides grape/winegrowers with phytopathological information and advice via the Internet and SMS messaging.
  • Limits the application of crop protection products (based on the principle of using only when required and then as little as possible) and indicates the optimum usage time.
  • Tailored service for each vineyard – current user base in Tuscany about 140, controlling 8,000 ha.

We provide farmers with tailored solutions.

Supporting Vine Growers in Eastern Europe

  • Since 2001, over €100 million has been invested in modernizing wine-growing facilities and production in Russia.
  • Growing demand for modern crop protection technologies in this new developing market.
  • To support local farmers, BASF has created a wine-growing demonstration centre in Krasnodar, in order to:
    - showcase best practice
    - provide customer seminars

We help our customers grow quality grapes.