BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Product Stewardship Commitment

  • We are committed to sustainable development, living up to the highest standards in product stewardship.
  • We adhere to the responsible and ethical management of all our crop protection products throughout the entire life cycle, from discovery through use to disposal and beyond.

Our mission:

  • To protect human health and the environment through the development of innovative products, technologies and services.
  • To promote and support the safe and responsible use of our crop protection technologies.
  • To support the inclusion of crop protection products in sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Everyone wins!

  • For growers, it is about optimising product performance, while developing and implementing cost-effective but sustainable farming systems and practices that satisfy their customers’ requirements.
  • For our employees, product stewardship promotes a safe working environment, fosters cross-functional cooperation and creates pride in our company’s values, principles and business ethics.
  • For shareholders, it helps to provide a sustainable return on investment.
  • For food manufacturers and retailers, it helps to address key concerns relating to the perceived impact of crop protection products on, for example, residues in food, water quality and ethical trade.
  • For consumers, it means having access to affordable, healthy and quality food.
  • For all stakeholders, product stewardship delivers quality products and services, protection of the environment and a positive contribution to local communities.

Best Practices around Europe

Best Practices around Europe

Best Practices around Europe

BASF supports sustainable agriculture around Europe.