BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Best Practice Example for Container Management

Clean Hands - Eco Pack

  • We listen to farmers’ concerns and design packaging that is easy and appropriate to use.
  • Our award-winning eco packaging is a lightweight, easy-to-handle plastic bottle reducing spillage and glugging.
  • Time savings of up to 25 per cent from the improved opening, to pouring and rinsing.
  • The farmer’s risk of coming into contact with the active ingredient is significantly minimizsed.
  • The packaging contains up to 25 per cent less plastic and is easier to recycle.

We work with farmers to design packaging for practical and environmentally friendly solutions.

The End is just the Beginning

  • We cooperate with governments and other partners around the world to support national container collection and disposal programs.
  • We educate farmers to implement simple but effective practices such as triple-rinsing of empty containers to ensure that used containers are free from product residues.
  • This minimises the risk of accidental exposure, and recycling means less production of plastics and less landfills.
  • We offer innovative solutions that help to minimise waste.

We support clean farms and a safe environment.