BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Storage, transportation and distribution

Walking the talk

Preparing for the journey:

We follow industry-leading guidelines for the preparation, loading, transport and unloading of our products. We provide extensive training for our transport contractors and regularly audit their performance against international and company guidelines. In the event of any accident, advice and emergency plans are in place to rapidly address the incident directly.

Making labels easy to understand:

We use prominent, easy-to-understand symbols and pictograms on our labels and screw caps, which help to transcend language and literacy barriers. This minimises the risk of instructions being ignored, mislaid or misunderstood.

Keeping our products in the right hands:

Full, partially full and empty crop protection product containers need to be handled and stored safely. We recommend industry-leading guidelines and standards for the storage of our products in warehouses, provide extensive training for our distributors/retailers and carry out regular audits to check compliance.

We also support industry-wide outreach and training programs to raise awareness of the importance of safe and secure storage on the farm and to recommend simple solutions, like creating storage boxes from local, readily available materials.