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Wheat Disease Control

With increasingly variable seasons, fluctuating commodity prices, and ongoing regulatory pressures, resilient disease control is more critical than ever when it comes to protecting your winter wheat yield, both now and in the future.

Triazoles have long been the backbone of resilient disease control strategies in winter wheat and are essential for resistance management. Revystar® XE is powered by Revysol®, the strongest triazole available for Septoria control and one with a stable resistance profile, making it the perfect partner to protect your crops this season, and many seasons to come.

Revystar® XE has a unique combination of curative and protectant qualities, which when combined with its rapid uptake and ability to slow the disease epidemic, make it well suited to your fungicide programme in the variable crops that will be common in spring 2024.

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Managing Winter Wheat Crops - Spring 2024

After such a challenging start to the season, we invite you to join us for a winter wheat webinar with BASF and industry experts. We will explore the varied picture of UK winter wheat this spring, key considerations for crop management, and how Revystar® XE can support resilient disease control.


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CPM, April 2023

Ahead of a seventh season of Real Results, CPM looks back at how the circle of growers was formed and how the on-farm trials have provided insights to fungicide use, aiding decision-making in real-life scenarios.

Farmers Weekly, March 2023

Investment in Revystar® XE (mefentrifluconazole + fluxapyroxad) brings economic value, regardless of variety, nitrogen applied and season, making it the product of choice to allow winter wheat crops to achieve their potential.

A&AF, Feb 2023

Applying Revystar® XE at T1, a fungicide with a proven track record, will protect and maximise the potential of the winter wheat crop across different seasons, disease situations and varieties.


Over the last couple of years, we’ve had the pleasure to find out more about some of our Real Results Circle growers’ farming experiences and their stories of using Revystar XE. Explore the map and pages below to find out more.

Pat Thornton farms in partnership with his father at Low Melwood, in the Trent valley in North Lincolnshire. Everything they grow on the 150-ha farm goes through the combine; winter beans for seed, wheat for seed and feed and barley, winter, and spring, is for feed too.

Scott Campbell is the 4th generation of Campbells farming at Kirkton of Kinellar in Aberdeenshire, the main steading on the 415 ha arable cropping enterprise. The business is split into three roughly similar sized holdings and farmed in partnership with his father and uncle.

Richard has been back on the family farm for 10 years, having gained a degree in Botany at Nottingham University and working in London as a wine broker, specialising in private client investment portfolios. The rotation at Hawkhurst is based on winter wheat, followed by winter or spring barley (depending on black-grass levels) then OSR, followed by winter wheat, second wheat and oats (again winter or spring depending on the black grass).

Steve farms two separate blocks totalling 1,000ha in north Essex. His business is as diverse as his crop rotation which includes echium as well as the more usual arable crops of wheat, spring oats, maize and sugar beet.

Hannah farms the family farm with her uncle and is a fourth-generation farmer. Farming is Hannah’s second career, as prior to farming she was a physiotherapist. She did a degree in physiotherapy and practiced until 2013, when she realized that she missed farming and so decided to go back and study again, doing a Masters in arable crop management at Writtle College.

Mike grew up on the family farm and after gaining a degree in Agriculture at Harper Adams in 1985, he worked in a number of roles within the arable sector before returning to the farm, which he now runs with his wife. He has a wealth of technical industry knowledge, built up from some 21 years working in the supply trade, agronomy, and the grain division of Cornwall Farmers (now part of Countrywide Farmers).

Toby grew up on a farm in Suffolk and after attending Harper Adams and gaining an HND (Agric) started his career with Broadoak/Coop Farms in Norfolk where he specialised in root crop production. He is now back in Norfolk again, manager of the Wicken Farms Company, a job which he started in autumn 2018. In the intervening years he has managed farms in the south of England, specialising in growing root crops and potatoes and a move across the water to Southern Ireland saw him involved in growing onions as well as root crops.

There are farmers whose names are synonymous with high yielding wheat crops – Mike Solari, Eric Watson and Tim Lamyman. Mike and Eric farm in New Zealand, where their soils are deep in a country that routinely irrigates its cereal crops. In sharp contrast, Tim farms Worlaby Farm on the Lincolnshire Wolds near Horncastle.


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