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PicoStomp® is a herbicide with residual and contact activity for the control of meadow grasses and broad leaved weeds in winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley, rye and triticale.


  • Control of both grass and broad-leaved weeds in Spring and Autumn
  • Suspension concentrate that can be applied pre and post emergence
  • Ideal contact and residual partner for post-emergence grass weed herbicides coming out of winter
  • An excellent partner for tank mixing with recommended adjuvants

Why Pico Stomp®?

Pico Stomp® is registered for use both pre and post-emergence in a range of spring and winter crops. With effective residual and contact activity, Pico Stomp® provides excellent weed control due to the formulation mix of pendimethalin and picolinafen.

Pendimethalin is the key active for grass and broad-leaved weed control in spring cereals and picolinafen provides synergistic post-emergence activity. The different modes of action of the two active ingredients work well against blackgrass resistance. They also provide excellent activity against ALS resistant chickweed and poppy. Pico Stomp® will also control a range of other weeds including annual meadow-grass, charlock, orache, knotgrass, speedwell, hemp nettle, shepherds purse and volunteer oilseed rape.

Applying a total of 2000 g/ha pendimethalin from both the pre and post-emergence sprays provides the maximum amount of pendimethalin/ha for the best level of black-grass control and residual activity on any black-grass that has yet to germinate. Picolinafen provides useful contact activity that boosts the black-grass control from the partner grass weed herbicide.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s) 16 g/l picolinafen & 320 g/l pendimethalin
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Pack size 10 litres in outers of two
Crop(s) Winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley, spring barley, rye and triticale
Weed spectrumBlack-grass, annual meadow grass, charlock, cleavers, chickweed, speedwell, fumitory, orache, poppy, hemp nettle, shepherd’s purse (for full list refer to label)
Maximum individual dose: Winter wheat, winter barley, rye and triticale 3.0 litres per hectare
Maximum individual dose: Spring wheat and spring barley3.0 litres per hectare pre-emergence of the crop or 2.0 litres per hectare post-emergence of the crop
Maximum number of treatments One per crop
Latest time of application: Winter wheat, winter barley, rye and triticale Before pseudo-stem erect stage (before growth stage 30)
Latest time of application: Spring wheat and spring barleyPre-emergence of the crop (3.0 l/ha rate) or Before pseudo-stem erect stage (before growth stage 30) (2.0 l/ha rate)
Water volume 200 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zone LERAP B

Pico Stomp® the perfect tank mix partner

Pico Stomp®, has consistently performed well in trials when mixed with Atlantis® WG and Unite® (with recommended adjuvants) adding substantially to the control of black-grass from its residual and contact activity.

Pico Stomp® supported mixes for black-grass control

It is important to target active weed growth for best results from the post-emergence graminicides, however tank mixes with Pico Stomp®
are only advised up to the end of February or before lush spring growth commences.

Avoid applications onto frosted crops or where frost is anticipated.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Stomp® Aqua

Stomp® Aqua

Stomp® contains pendimethalin and is commonly used for pre and post-emergence weed control in a range of crops.

Pico Stomp® can be used with Stomp® Aqua as a tank mix partner to gain maximum control.

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For the best start in controlling black-grass, annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds, Crystal® herbicide works with residual and contact activity on winter wheat and winter barley crops.

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Real Results: Arable Weed Control

Real Results: Arable Weed Control

Be part of the Real Results Circle to learn more about how Pico Stomp® can deliver greater yield for your crops.

Working with our independent industry partners as well as BASF technical advisors, receive impartial advice and tips for managing arable weed control.

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