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Springbok® helps get your oilseed rape off to the best start by helping you establish a good, even crop before winter, by providing long-lasting and reliable control of key weeds and by playing a key role in sustainable black-grass management.


  • Removes weed competition early, helping the crop get off to the best start
  • Provides long-lasting and reliable control of key broad-leaved weeds
  • Provides a great start to black-grass management, reducing the pressure on fops and dims
  • Provides reliability in dry conditions due to multiple points of uptake by the weed

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)200 g/l metazachlor and 200 g/l dimethenamid-p
FormulationEmulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Crop(s)Winter Oilseed rape
Weed spectrumChickweed, Cleavers, Crane’s-bill, Mayweed, Poppy, Shepherd’s purse, Speedwell
Maximum individual dose2.5 litres of product per hectare
Maximum total dose2.5 litres of product per hectare
Latest time of applicationBefore 7th true leaf stage (GS 17)
Water volume200-300 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Other specific restrictionsA maximum total dose of 1000 g metazachlor/hectare may be applied in a three year period on the same field

Why Springbok®?

Springbok® is a residual herbicide containing dimethenamid-p and metazachlor that offers a unique weed range and consistent control in oilseed rape.

Springbok® works particularly well in dry conditions, which can be useful for general weed control in early sown crops. The product is taken up via cotyledons and roots and takes maximum effect before, or shortly after weed emergence. Optimum results are obtained from applications made to fine, firm and moist seedbeds.

Springbok® is highly effective for general weed control in oilseed rape and particularly for the control of crane’s-bill and shepherd’s purse, which can be competitive early on. The superior soil absorption of Springbok® means that the active ingredients remain present and active for longer.

More reliable control

Dimethenamid-P is taken up by both the roots and young shoots of the weed, whilst metazachlor is taken up by the roots. Dimethenamid-P is not so reliant on ‘chasing’ the roots down through the soil but waits for the shoots to reach it. Hence, Springbok® is less affected by drier conditions, a common occurrence in early autumn.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

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