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Shadow is a residual herbicide that can be used on all varieties of winter oilseed rape for the control of a range of broad‑leaved and grass weeds.


  • Protects yield by early removal of weed competition
  • A low resistance risk herbicide that provides a key start to the black-grass programme
  • Provides excellent residual control of key broad-leaved weeds
  • The three active ingredients are taken up at multiple points by the weed, providing more consistent control in dry conditions
  • Quinmerac adds post-emergence and persistent activity to cleavers control
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Why Shadow?

Product Profile:

Active ingredient(s)200 g/l dimethenamid-P, 200 g/l metazachlor and 100 g/l quinmerac
FormulationSuspo-emulsion (SE)
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Crop(s)Winter Oilseed rape
Weed spectrumChickweed, cleavers, cranesbill (cut-leaved, round-leaved and small-flowered), red dead nettle, fat hen, field forget-me-not, common groundsel, scented mayweed, common poppy, shepherd’s purse, field sowthistle and speedwells (common field and ivy-leaved) (for full list see label)
Maximum individual dose2.5 litres per hectare
Maximum total dose2.5 litres per hectare per crop
Latest time of applicationBefore 7th true leaf stage (GS 17)
Water volume200 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zone5 m
Other specific restriction(s)Applications shall be limited to a total dose of not more than 1.0 kg metazachlor/ha in a three-year period on the same field.

Why Shadow®?

Shadow® is an oilseed rape herbicide with excellent residual activity on a wide range of weeds. Shadow® can be applied pre or post-emergence of the crop. For optimum activity, apply pre-emergence or early post-emergence of the weeds.

The combination of three active ingredients in Shadow®, dimethenamid-p, metazachlor and quinmerac, means that weed control is more consistently achieved, since uptake happens at three points: the root, the shoot and the leaf. Optimum results are obtained from applications made to fine, firm and moist seedbeds.

In terms of application, on light soils, a split dose of product is recommended: 1.5l/ha pre-emergence of crop followed by 1.0l/ha post-emergence of the crop. A split dose will give more prolonged poppy control than full dose pre-emergence.

Range of activity and persistence

Shadow® performs against a wide range of weeds including speedwell, shepherd’s-purse and crane’s bill. In independent trials, Shadow® was tested on poppy at post-emergence and performed exceptionally well.