Profitable Break Crops

With margins being squeezed on both sides, pressure is mounting for break crops to pay their way. They are an increasingly important part of the rotation. We’re wanting them to build soil health, capture nutrients, offer financial returns as well as break pest and disease cycles.

Cereals, the backbone of UK agriculture. Despite the challenges across the country we’ve seen our community of Real Results growers adapt to unique conditions by combining the latest agronomic knowledge with historical learnings, gaining invaluable experiences to get crops to where they are now.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has never been more important to how farmers manage their crops. By using cultural controls and IPM, the aim is to minimise environmental, health and economic risks. In practice, farmers are already implementing a wide range of IPM activities, depending on their system, their farm and their philosophy.

Whether it’s travelability, availability of nutrients, draining and storing water, soil health is entwined with every aspect of production. So, whether we’re talking about disease control, tackling black-grass, getting the most from pulses, the topic is never far away.

Learn more about our network of Real Results Circle growers and the on-farm trials they have conducted season to season.


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