Real Results Trials and Trialists

The Real Results Circle started by working with farmers to conduct field-scale trials on their own farms, using their kit and management systems. UK agriculture is facing many uncertainties and challenges from many different angles. By learning what works on your farm, from experts and each other, the Real Results Circle is in a great position to take advantage of new opportunities that are on the horizon. Innovation in products and innovation in knowledge exchange is the backbone of the circle.

The main criteria for growers joining the Real Results Circle are as simple as wanting to take part and share their findings.

Within the Real Results Circle we have a number of demo sites around the country.

Open to all, it is a perfect opportunity to see how the innovations are looking in your area and speak to your local BASF team.

There has been over 80 UK growers involved in Real Results Trials since it's founding, testing new innovations in their own farming system.

Each fungicide trial is rigorously managed by ADAS, with the aim of maximising scientific output.

Real Results Virtual Farm

Our Virtual Farm brings together experts and industry specialists to identify and overcome the issues that erode profits and showcase the real results that are generated through real world trials.

Our interactive, living, breathing farm will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to explore at your leisure, featuring a variety of content and information across our BASF portfolio.

It will also allow you to take virtual tours, attend live events - where you’ll be able to listen to experts and ask them questions in real time - and view interactive content and data to earn BASIS and NRoSO points.

The farm may be virtual, but the results are real!



Find out more information about any upcoming events and register here.

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