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The first Real Results Circle trial started back in 2016 when a Staffordshire grower challenge BASFs claim that a Xemium fungicide program would provide a £20/ha benefit over existing standards. The following year more growers joined the challenge and in 2019 the Real Results Circle were the first to use Revystar XE in field scale trials. Since its founding there have been over 80 UK growers involved in Real Results Trials, testing new innovations in their own farming system.

Each fungicide trial is rigorously managed by ADAS, with the aim of maximising scientific output. With ADAS Agronomics, growers are able to conduct farm-scale trials without compromising the trial’s technical validity and statistical power. For example, initial field selection minimises background variation and trial monitoring and disease assessments throughout the growing period give a view on epidemic development and ensuring correct harvest principles mitigates any tramline edge effects, and full yield analysis gives statistical confidence.

The majority of cereal fungicide programmes, since 2020, have included Revystar XE. Growers within the Real Results Circle have scrutinised the performance at T1 and T2 vs their chosen field standard treatment, to better inform the disease management approach on their farm. Each year there are questions that are formulated after discussions within the group. For example, in 2021, we challenged the Real Results Circle to maximise productivity in wheat by building on a Revystar XE programme. For 2023 one of the protocols developed investigates Septoria risk management of September drilled crops.

Through the years the Real Result Circle has developed to incorporate more farming factors than just wheat fungicides. The Real Results Circle were the first to test the brand new herbicide mode of action, Luximo. They were able to see how it best fitted within their own farming system alongside their cultural controls. The types of trials now cover multiple crops and indications. Within the Real Results Circle we are also sharing results from long term sustainability projects and developments that are taking place at The Grange in Northamptonshire and Rawcliffe Bridge in Yorkshire.


Location: D.S. & J.E King & Son, Pasture Hill Farm, Edenham Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire

Location: Hurcott Farm, Hurcott, Ilminster, Somerset

Location: RH Forrest, Mowness Hall, Stonham Aspal

Location: Westfield Lodge, Great Tew, Chipping Norton

Location: Top House Farm, Moor Road, Rawcliffe Bridge

Location: J & D Thomas, Stewarts Hyde, Pencombe, Herefordshire


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