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Vizura® is a nitrogen stabiliser (classed as a nitrification inhibitor) that can be mixed with cattle/pig slurry or Anaerobic Digester Plant digestate; and can reduce the amounts of nitrates getting into water, and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

This means that more nitrogen fertiliser remains in the soil around the roots of the crops for a longer period, giving the crops more chance to pick up the nitrogen from the slurry.

Trials have shown that on average Vizura® can reduce:

  • nitrate losses by 35%
  • nitrous oxide emissions by 50%

BASF trials have shown that:

  • Winter wheat crop yields increase by 5% on average
  • Maize crop yield increase by 7% on average, and starch yields increase by 12%



New to the UK market, Limus protects urea-based fertilisers, minimising nitrogen losses from volatilisation and ensuring optimal nitrogen is available for your crop.

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