Climate Smart Farming

BASF are supporting farmers to become more carbon efficient and resilient to volatile weather conditions with technologies that increase yield, make farm management more effective, and decrease environmental impact.

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, which we can only tackle with collaboration. Everyone involved in agriculture needs to work together – farmers, industry, academia, food producers, retailers, and civil society. We at BASF are in a unique position to support farmers along the whole value chain – serving the agricultural, food and feed industries – to find the right balance between feeding a growing population, protecting our planet and securing that farmers can earn their living."

Livio Tedeschi, President of BASF's Agricultural Solutions

What are we doing to achieve Climate Smart Farming in the UK?

BASF has been committed to researching the best ways in which they can support farmers to decrease their environmental impacts for many years. As a result, we have a wealth of data and resources to share. Our two sustainability farms at Rawcliffe Bridge and The Grange have been a particularly valuable asset in helping us understand how profitable farming can work hand in hand with nature.

BASF have worked collaboratively with the Hinchliffe family at Rawcliffe Bridge since 2002. Over this time, dramatic changes have been made, resulting in significant biodiversity gains.

Project Fortress is our five year project at The Grange, our sustainability farm in Northamptonshire.

This project has been established to help us better understand how improving soil health and implementing IPM techniques can improve climate efficiency.

The Farm Network

Rawcliffe Bridge was the first sustainability farm for BASF and since 2002, we have developed the Farm Network bringing together growers and experts on more than 70 working farms around Europe to help farmers find the right balance between food production and sustainable land management.

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