Smart Stewardship

Stewardship in farming is all about responsibility and care. Something that we, at BASF, take very seriously. Making sure that farmers are able to use our products safely around the farm and in the field, by providing access to the tools and services that are tailored to every farmer’s daily work.

Examples of Smart Stewardship

We are proud to provide a range of information, tools and services which all help growers improve their product stewardship to reduce operator exposure and pollution into the wider environment.

wHen2g0 is a smart tool which helps to improve application timings of metazachlor and quinmerac, to minimise the risk to water. By evaluating a combination of soil type, drainage, cultivation method and weather, the tool provides an eight-day forecast with a traffic light system to indicate the optimum timing for water stewardship.

Metazachlor and quinmerac are a foundation for winter oilseed rape weed control programmes and so are key active ingredients for the crop, but in common with some other major herbicides, they have been detected in watercourses at levels that risk non-compliance with the Water Framework Directive (WFD), the legislation drawn up to protect all surface and ground waters.

Our “Know the Bentazone Risk” water stewardship campaign looks to raise awareness with growers of the stewardship responsibilities associated with this herbicide.

The new Closed Transfer System easyconnect is part of our continuous efforts to make the handling of our crop protection products easier and safer. Developed by BASF in collaboration with third-party equipment manufacturers, easyconnect focuses on highest safety levels, convenience and speed of use..

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