Sustainable Solutions

We are a business built on innovation. And year by year, we work hard to bring more sustainable solutions to farmers to help achieve our joint aim of producing not just higher yield, but better yield by increasing productivity and profitability and preserving our natural resources. We are long-term supporters of farmers and farming – with more than 100 years’ experience – and we will continue to invest in a strong R&D pipeline, steered towards ever more sustainable solutions.

Every product in our portfolio is evaluated for its contribution to sustainability. ‘Accelerator’ products and solutions are those that make a substantial contribution to sustainability in the value chain.


Limus® is a urease inhibitor that protects urea-based fertilisers. Limus® improves nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) by minimising nitrogen losses from volatilisation and ensuring optimal nitrogen is available for your crop. Limus® is available as Limus® protected, granular urea and as Limus® Clear, a standalone product for use with liquid fertilisers (UAN).

Vizura® is a nitrification inhibitor for use with slurry and digestate. Vizura® keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form for longer, reducing losses and optimising plant nutrition.

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